Die ersten Eindrücke/ First Impressions (Ana)

Hallo! Ich bin Ana. Ich komme aus Georgien. as you know I am volunteer here in Vienna for 5 month. Before my arrival to Vienna I was so excited and motivated to start project with such a great Organization called ,,Osterreische Kinderfreunde”. Since I am already here, my thoughts and feelings doubled. I have such an amazing team with whom I will continue to work. 

From first day I felt myself as already a local, because people were so open and kind to me. First day was unexpectable and unusual because me with my mentors and coordinator went for shopping for household items, because I had nothing in my dormitory. Shopping went so good and I felt like I am moving to new home where every detail is created by me. From the beginning of the project I was alone, because second volunteer from Spain- Sergio had some problems with traveling, so I supposed to be alone for one week, but the thing was that I did not feel myself lonely, everyone was so nice and attentive.  

On my second day to Vienna I went to the office. First reaction was “wow, how big and beautiful is this place!” people working there are so nice, atmosphere gives you motivation to work as well. Also, I went to ,,connect Ottakring’’, where everything is so colorful and happy (of course, it’s kid’s place). To be honest from the beginning I felt a bit stressed when Fanny(head of Connect) said that there will be around 15-20 children. But children are so funny, energetic and just amazing. They are so happy to play with me. Also, they try their best to teach me some German words and I enjoy to learn from them,too.  

On the next day, my coordinator and mentors took me to city tour. I saw the most famous and historical sightseeing of Vienna. I knew that Vienna was such a beautiful city with a lot of awesome buildings but when you see them with your eyes, it hits different!  

Following days were quite interesting as well. 

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