Reach out and SCREAM

“Reach Out and SCREAM seminar”, the KA1 Seminar will create space to simulate projects and develop new participative tools to Share, Communicate, Reach, Evaluate and Monitor (SCREAM).

This project is following the Reach out strategic priority of IFM-SEI’s Strategy and Working Plan 2019-2022 and aims to create stronger and clearer communication for partners internally and externally and developing a handbook to spread more participative SCREAM-methods globally. 

The seminar will bring together Youth Workers and Secretariat members working on communication or MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning) or interested in the topic. In order to participate please register your participants through this link until 30 September 2022.

We believe, that through developing our SCREAM (Share create, reach, evaluate, assess and monitor) capacities further, we not only improve our communication internally but also externally while expanding our reach to stakeholders all around the world. Monitoring as well as Evaluation of learning and setting aims and objectives, is a vital part of project management which is often forgotten while running projects. Therefore, we want to focus on understanding the project cycle and developing participative and accessible SCREAM methods while simulating a complete project.

If you are interested in joining the project, please check out the Infopack here.

If you want to join the project please contact Chrisi Schauer via



SCREAM can also be divided into the possibly more known communication and MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning) definitions.