Die letzten Eindrücke/ Last Impressions (Ana)

Can you imagine that 5 month has been already gone? What a memorable 5 month! Full of emotions, happiness, energy and highlights went through. Within my ESC experience I faced a lot of new experiences which was unforgetable for me. Two monthe in summer camp was busy and a lot of things to try. I never been in this kind of huge camping area with a lot of children. We had great time and moments there. The most amazing thing is that you see children and parents are happy about what you are doing for them! nice location did its job as well! Mountains, lake, forest and camp vibes! What do you want more to feel motivated, happy and enthusiastic to work?  

Coming back to Vienna was a bit sad part but I knew that two special places were waiting for me. As you already know I was working in two kindergartens with refugee kids, so they were so excited to meet again. We renewed our colourfull days with new energy and motivation. I gained a lot of new education about children rights and children psychology too. Now I know how to react where is conflict between children. It’s not east to work with kids who don’t speak you mother language, even not English or German. So I can say that my verbal or nonverbal communicational skills were improved a lot!  

If you still think about do or no your ESC project in the future, definitly-Yes! it’s the best thing to grow up personally and professionally too. Don’t waste your time and try new things! Challenge yourself and trust me, you won’t regret it!